How can Ketamine Infusion Therapy Treat Anxiety?

Can Ketamine Infusion Therapy be used to treat anxiety? In addition to successful treatment of depression, Ketamine Infusion Therapy can also be useful in treating anxiety disorders.  Anxiety disorders are very common psychiatric conditions. Social anxiety is the most common with prevalence of 13% in the US population, while generalized anxiety disorder and separation anxiety disorder have prevalence rates of 2-7%. Anxiety can often have a crippling effect on the sufferer which prevents them from achieving what they want in [...]

The Benefits of Using Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Severe Depression

Why try Ketamine Infusion Therapy? If a person has severe depression, Ketamine Infusion Therapy is the right choice for treatment. Many antidepressant medications and substances have been available over the past few decades, however many sufferers still experience major depression despite their intensive treatment regimen. Ketamine Infusion Therapy, though, has proven to be more effective than other treatments. Although the method is still relatively new, many patients who have received Ketamine Infusion Therapy have noticeably higher improvement rates compared [...]

Ketamine Infusion Therapy Helped a Severely Depressed Woman Get Her Life Back

Depression can take its toll. It’s like a never ending tunnel of despair and defeat. People have literally watched their loved ones waste away to nothing, a shell of their old self. However! Ketamine infusions are that much sought-after ray of hope. Here is the story of how ketamine infusion therapy helped a severely depressed individual regain control of her life. Used for decades as an anesthetic for surgery, novel research though has proved that ketamine could [...]


The 1970s first revealed ketamine as a novel anesthetic drug which suitable for humans. Quickly seen as a reliable and safe option for anesthesia, it soon became the drug of choice of surgeons across the globe. Compared to contemporary drugs of the time such as PCP, ketamine acted quicker and carried far fewer risks. In fact, soldiers in Vietnam often used ketamine on the battlefield to provide quick and immediate relief to the wounded. However, during the late 1970’s, people [...]

Ketamine Infusions Show Great Promise for Treating Chronic Pain

There has been a great deal of research regarding the treatment of chronic pain. Besides opiates as a form of treatment, ketamine infusions show better promise. Just recently research has indicated that ketamine infusions can help chronic pain sufferers deal with treatment-resistant depression which may develop as a result of chronic pain. According to Lucinda Grande, MD, ketamine has proven to be beneficial for people who suffer from pain. In those who already abide by a pain management regimen [...]

Ketamine Therapy for Depression

It is common knowledge among mental health professionals that one in ten people suffer from depression at one point or another. The first trial for ketamine therapy for depression carried out in the United Kingdom proved it to be an innovative and effective treatment for depression. A significant number of individuals who suffer from depression remain resistant to pharmaceutical drugs like Prozac and other forms of psychotherapies, whereas ketamine infusion therapy has shown tremendous success. It provides relief for [...]