Ketamine Infusion Therapy Helped a Severely Depressed Woman Get Her Life Back

Ketamine Infusion Therapy Helped a Severely Depressed Woman Get Her Life Back

Depression can take its toll. It’s like a never ending tunnel of despair and defeat. People have literally watched their loved ones waste away to nothing, a shell of their old self. However! Ketamine infusions are that much sought-after ray of hope. Here is the story of how ketamine infusion therapy helped a severely depressed individual regain control of her life.
Used for decades as an anesthetic for surgery, novel research though has proved that ketamine could be the future of depression treatment. Where all else has failed, ketamine works its wonders.

In one of many studies, the NHS Foundation gathered 28 people who had been suffering from treatment-resistant depression for multiple years. Their treatment regimens, like many other depression sufferers, allowed them little to no symptom relief.
All these individuals received regular ketamine infusions. According to most of the patients they felt a little peculiar after each infusion, but they felt good. It seemed that things looked a bit different and there was sense of surrealism.
The relatives of all these individuals were quick to point that they saw a vast improvement in the behavior of their loved ones. One mother whose daughter was part of the study explained that it helped her daughter concentrate better. In fact, the girl became more alert and talkative as well.
She was happy to tell the BBC Radio how ketamine infusions worked as soon as they were administered. Her daughter reported feeling better by the time they would leave the hospital soon after the treatment. That her daughter decided on her own to go on a walk surprised the mother – a major feat in her eyes! In over a decade, she continued, her daughter hadn’t ventured so far from home.

The study elaborated that people received a series of three to six ketamine injections during a three-week time period. The following findings were reported:

• Out of the 28 people who participated in the study, many said they felt a general sense of well being. This affect lasted around four to seven days.
• In some patients, the effects lasted for more than nine months.
• During treatment people felt slightly peculiar and had a distorted sense of time. However, these issues resolved as soon as treatment was completed.

The real issue is to regulate the use and extend the overall effect of ketamine for patients suffering from depression. The researchers are stress that ketamine, when administered by a physician in low doses in a controlled setting, is considered safe to administer.
Ketamine works increasing the neurotransmitter in the brain that is lacking in depressive patients. Additional mechanisms of action continue to be researched. These findings have helped a great many people regain control of their life. There are certain clinics which use ketamine for treating depression. If you feel you or a loved one could benefit from these infusions, make sure to do your own research in order to have an informed discussion with your psychiatrist or psychotherapist.


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