Ketamine Infusions Show Great Promise for Treating Chronic Pain

Ketamine Infusions Show Great Promise for Treating Chronic Pain

There has been a great deal of research regarding the treatment of chronic pain. Besides opiates as a form of treatment, ketamine infusions show better promise. Just recently research has indicated that ketamine infusions can help chronic pain sufferers deal with treatment-resistant depression which may develop as a result of chronic pain.
According to Lucinda Grande, MD, ketamine has proven to be beneficial for people who suffer from pain. In those who already abide by a pain management regimen with opiates find themselves drastically reducing their dosage, and some people can go without opiates completely and simply switch to ketamine infusions without a hitch.

How do ketamine infusions work for treating chronic pain?

Ketamine infusions work in the following manner:

• A single low dose of ketamine infusion produces analgesia at the pain site
• It inhibits the N-methyl-D aspartate receptor
• Provides anti-inflammatory effect
• Minority of patients might feel slight nausea or mild cardiovascular stimulation
Effective Treatment

What scares most people from going for ketamine infusions are perhaps the minor side effects. However, one shouldn’t undermine the effectiveness of these infusions in pain treatment. Not only does it provide lasting relief, but it can actually help improve the quality of the patient’s life.
It may also help some people come off opiates completely. For those who might be unable to do so, it can simply act as an effective pain management system along with the use of opiates.
It should be taken into account that ketamine is generally well tolerated in clinical settings. This should though not be taken too lightly. Anytime you feel the need for undergoing a ketamine infusion to treat chronic pain, make sure you talk to your doctor about it. Ketamine needs to be administered professionally.


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