Interesting Facts about Ketamine Infusions

Interesting Facts about Ketamine Infusions

Why has everyone been talking about ketamine lately? Though ketamine has been around for quite a few decades, only recently has that it has gained a great deal of attention.

Now regarded as an almost miracle pain reliever, ketamine delivered via intravenous infusions have helped thousands of people lead normal lives again. Even those who have previously suffered from chronic pain which remained unresponsive to all kinds of pain relieving drugs have found success in ketamine infusion therapy.

In addition to its uses as a treatment for alleviating chronic physical pain, researchers also tout it as the “next big thing” for treatment of mental disorders. Though research is underway regarding its long-term effects, it can work wonders for patients suffering from major depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

Below are a few interesting facts about ketamine.

Ketamine is a widely used and safe anesthetic

Physicians across the world have used ketamine for decades in a surgical setting. Classified as a “dissociative anesthetic,” ketamine can be used in a therapeutic setting as well in much lower doses. A patient will remain conscious throughout treatment, but should feel as though a weight has been lifted at the end of the experience. Some patients may see the most prominent results a few hours after the treatment, which is still significantly faster than current antidepressant regiments. It also helps to lessen the physical strain on the body of continued use of painkillers for chronic pain management.

In the past, ketamine has received some bad press as a street drug known for its hallucinogenic properties, which induce a trance-like state. One should realize, though, that this is a flagrant misuse of ketamine, and when administered by a physician in a controlled environment, these experiences can either be mitigated or may actually help in the psychological “release” of the weight of depression and the other aforementioned mental disorders. Ketamine infusion therapy will always be preceded by evaluation from a mental health professional and should be accompanied with a professional diagnosis.

People who can’t be helped by standard medication to treat depression respond well to ketamine

Some commonly used anti-depressants work by inhibiting the stress hormones in the body. Approximately 30% of patients may respond well to these medicines and get better. However, there exists a certain group which may not respond to these traditional drugs and might end up suffering worse instead. Ketamine offers an answer to these problems.

According to Doctor Allen Manevitz, the ability to effectuate a significant change sets ketamine apart from all other drugs. As soon as a patient undergoes ketamine infusion, they start to feel an immediate sense of well-being.


It has helped save lives

Patients who suffer from acute depression often harbor thoughts of suicide. The fast-acting ability of ketamine allows these people to feel finally gain some relief and can thereby lead a better life. The effects of the drug will last for a different duration for different patients. Some may feel better for a few weeks whereas others will go on without feeling any signs of depression or chronic pain for months. Ultimately, though, patients should recognize that ketamine treats a symptom, and in the case of patients suffering a mental disorder, they should anticipate continuing their psychiatric treatment. Ketamine therapy allows the patient a much easier process along the way, and gives much-needed hope for an end to the cycle of depression and chronic pain.

It can help manage difficult-to-treat or unresponsive chronic pain

Most people will eventually become resistant to pain management medications, or in the worst cases, completely fail to respond to pain relievers. Even opiates might not be enough to manage the pain. In these cases, ketamine infusions again prove to be beneficial. Where at one point these patients experienced debilitating pain which left them unable to go about their daily chores, ketamine infusions help to improve their quality of life.

Are you thinking about undergoing treatment for depression or chronic pain? Make sure you talk to your doctor today regarding ketamine infusions.



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