Ketamine Infusion Therapy-Changing Lives for the Better

Ketamine Infusion Therapy-Changing Lives for the Better

Among the millions of people diagnosed with depression, attitudes on their diagnosis vary widely. For some, a name to the invisible weight provides them the means to focusing efforts on improving their life with ketamine infusion therapy. For others, though, overcoming their depression may seem an insurmountable obstacle.  Most of those diagnosed will continue to live productive lives – but only after seeking treatment. All too often, though, the affected individual may never be cured of their depression despite the right treatments and medications. A disheartening 30-40% of those on antidepressant regiments will show absolutely no response to the medications. Similarly, a great many individuals suffer from chronic pain. Often this pain renders them unable to go about their daily chores.

Ketamine infusions aim to provide relief from both of the aforementioned conditions. It has helped thousands of people improve their quality of life.

Over 50 years ago, the FDA approved ketamine for use as a safe and reliably effective dissociative anesthetic. Derived from phencyclidine hydrochloride also know as angel dust, ketamine is increasingly known for the role it plays in the management for depression and chronic pain.

 Ketamine Infusion Therapy for treatment of depression

According to a study by the National Institute of Health, ketamine has been found to be effective for even the most severe form of depression. It can get to work in less than 40 minutes. Once known as a psychedelic club drug, ketamine was even known as a horse tranquilizer. It was considered illicit and irresponsible street-use created quite a bad image for it. However, research has consistently proven otherwise.

In one study, eighteen people suffering from suicidal dementia were administered ketamine. Their symptoms abated in less than 24 hours. 71% of the patients showed immediate improvement while the rest found themselves feeling better in the next seven days. The effects lasted for around a week.

One of the latest studies cited in the online scientific journal Nature reports that, when the body breaks down ketamine, its byproduct is a metabolite called glutamate necessary for proper brain function. Glutamate is responsible for reversing depression-like behavior and is present in everyone.

Ketamine is one drug which is considered to be among the most promising for mental health. It can be used to help millions of individuals who suffer in silence but are in actuality screaming for help.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy for treatment of chronic pain

Chronic pain is frequently difficult to treat. After years of taking painkillers, people tend to become immune to the effects of these drugs which results in difficult-to-treat (or in the worst cases untreatable) chronic pain.

On the other hand, administering ketamine to such individuals can help numb the effects of chronic pain. Ketamine infusion works by blocking the nerve channels which are responsible for chronic pain. The sensation of relief may last for a certain period of time.

Treatment may involve taking infusions for a period of four to ten days to show real improvement. Treatments may vary from a few months to a period of one to three years.

Ketamine infusions have proven to be beneficial to quite an extent; however they come with their own set of drawbacks. To see whether you are a viable candidate for these infusions, make sure you have an open and in-depth discussion with your doctor.




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